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XX. [Stigma]: Leszlee Dawdge.

XX. [Day you regret most]: The day I said hello to you.
XX. [Height above your grave]:5'8"
XX. [Weight of your corpse]: 52210 grams.
XX. [Fromme]: Egypt. I live my life like a swallow; I arrived here with the springtime.
XX. [Whom do you love]: Bestill my heart, the razor which draws my blood.
XX. [III Greatest]::
X. [Musicians]:
I don't listen to music.
II. I only listen to the rain and thunder outside of my window.
X. [Books]:
The Bible.
X. [Movies]:
I don't watch movies.
II. I only watch the blood spill from my wrists and the clock as it slowly erases my time on earth.
XX. [Role Model]: He who dies a thousand deaths meets the final hour with the calmness of one who approaches a well remembered door.
XX. [Bush]:
A low shrub with many branches.

XX. [Your opinion on interest aggregation as a privileged and elitist selective-function of empowerment]: Fuck you.

Please compose two four-line stanzas of poetry in ABAB or ABCB rhyme scheme:

The dark corner
Calls my name
I struggle forth
To death I came.

The hole is deep
My blood is dark
I am leaving you now
For the future is stark.

Please compose a suicide note:

I must follow my soul into the night.

La Zingara.

And give me some gawthic-lavigne:

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