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XX. [Stigma]: idpa lilitu, or, if thou preferest, the fever succubus

XX. [Day you regret most]: june ten and eight, in the year of their lord 1985
XX. [Height above your grave]: 5'7" and some extra
XX. [Weight of your corpse]: more than it should, and yet less than it will
XX. [Fromme]: the town of sleeping
XX. [Whom do you love]: i bear love for no one
XX. [III Greatest]::
X. [Musicians]:
II. black sabbath
III. necrocide
X. [Books]:
the necronomicon
II. h.p. lovecraft's work
III. edgar allen poe
X. [Movies]:
the virgin suicides
II. from hell
III. dracula
XX. [Role Model]: i model myself after no one but lilith
XX. [Dark Quote]: Body of a virgin
Soul to the Devil's kin
Your God is me
In all that you see
XX. [Bush]: save me, prince of darkness, from this moron
XX. [Your opinion on interest aggregation as a privileged and elitist selective-function of empowerment]: if you choose to judge me, well, that is your choice. i hold up my wrists to your razor of cruelty.

Please compose two four-line stanzas of poetry in ABAB or ABCB rhyme scheme:

night falls and i am lost
to the shadows in the alley.
running, walking, it matters not;
from my pain i cannot flee.

my skin, pale like moonlight;
it never sees the sun.
i celebrate the darkness
with my prince; never alone.
(fear my gawthic slant-rhymes)

Please compose a suicide note:

dear world,

admit it. this was one big fucking joke at my expense. well, guess what? i'm not laughing. see you in hell, people.


And give me some gawthic-lavigne:

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