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XX. [Stigma]: Kelizmo Breeche

XX. [Day you regret most]: the day was August the seventeenth; the year was nineteen hundred and eighty-nine.
XX. [Height above your grave]: a dark 5'5"
XX. [Weight of your corpse]: my soul is lifted from my body. Therefore, i have no bodily weight.
XX. [Fromme]: Newfoundland
XX. [Whom do you love]: the angel they call Lucifer.
XX. [III Greatest]::
X. [Musicians]:
i need no music other than the sound of my thundering heart.
X. [Books]:
The Tell-tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe
II. The Necronomicon
III. The Bible
X. [Movies]:
From Hell
II. Sleepy Hollow
III. Dracula
XX. [Role Model]: R.L. Stine
XX. [Dark Quote]: "The agony in my eyes mirrors the moonlight of my flawed soul." - Ariadne Zeitwellen Masters-Chambers.
XX. [Bush]: six feet under.
XX. [Your opinion on interest aggregation as a privileged and elitist selective-function of empowerment]: Fuck it.

Please compose two four-line stanzas of poetry in ABAB or ABCB rhyme scheme:

Please God,
I gave it my best,
now please
just let me rest.

I saw a number
on my beeper
it was the number
of the Grim Reaper.

Please compose a suicide note:

Goodbye Cruel World.
I've gone to live with the angels.

Lucifer's angels, that is.

And give me some gawthic-lavigne:

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