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Crucify Myself, a kiss goodbye

XX. [Stigma]:IusedtobeMerry

XX. [Day you regret most]:July the 6th, my birth
XX. [Height above your grave]:5'2"
XX. [Weight of your corpse]:rotting into nothingness
XX. [Fromme]:the pits of Hell in Norway
XX. [Whom do you love]:theres nothing to love more than death itself.
XX. [III Greatest]::
X. [Musicians]:
I. Danzig
II. Cradle of FIlth
III. My Dying Bride
X. [Books]:
I. The Satanic Bible
II. The Satanic Witch
III. The Devil's Notebook (all written by LaVey)
X. [Movies]:
I. A clockwork Orange
II.Basketball Diaries
III. Nude for Satan
XX. [Role Model]: Anton Szandor LaVey
XX. [Dark Quote]: "The greatest harm can result from the best intentions."

XX. [Bush]: would look so much more metal if he was burned at teh stake.
XX. [Your opinion on interest aggregation as a privileged and elitist selective-function of empowerment]: surpassingly unsensical.

Please compose two four-line stanzas of poetry in ABAB or ABCB rhyme scheme:

Thrashing and cutting away,
hoping this pain,
will soon go away.

Its my only resort now,
I could have done better,
But my sin won`t allow.

All my mistakes,
Are let out through this,
Cutting,cutting away at my wrists.

Fuck rhyme scheme...

Please compose a suicide note:

Sorry guys, now you won't have anyone to manipulate anymore, no luch money or answers. I`ll be out of this torture and gone from this hell.I'll be with the dark angels who really do care. Mom and dad beware.

Fuck the world.

And give me some gawthic-lavigne:

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